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More and more consumers are reviewing business products and services through Internet searches on their mobile devices – from mobile phones to iPads. When consumers look up your business and services online, you do not want them to go to a business competitor to serve their needs all because your website was not readable from their mobile devices. There is a solution. You can create a mobile version of your business website to successfully gain business leads from consumers surfing the Internet through their mobile devices. Here is how to use a mobile website to benefit your business. Start reading to learn about the benefits a business mobile website can provide to you.

The Benefits of A Business Mobile Website

When your business website is transformed into a mobile website, your business can be easily discovered when people search products and services on their mobile devices. This is called mobile website optimization. The transformation automatically gives you more visitors to your site that you can convert into live customers because you have a mobile version of your website.

When business websites are not mobile optimized, not only do they look terrible being viewed from a mobile device but also the standard Internet search will not allow consumers to find what they are looking to find. In other words, searches will be put off and consumers will click away from your site to find what they believe are better sources for needs and wants.

Revolutionize your business marketing today with a business website created by Guru To Go. We will help you deliver your content to prospective consumers the right way and engage mobile users.

Guru to Go is one of the few full service Internet development and web marketing companies in the Iowa City area. We specialize in affordable custom mobile web design and development, software development, content management systems (CMS), database integration, e-marketing solutions, social media strategy and implementation, organic search engine optimization, pay per click campaigning. We offer solutions for every size business.

By combining the latest technologies with proven database architecture design, we are able to produce attractive, fast and efficient systems, which more than meet our clients’ needs. Our services are based on a flat rate with no hidden hourly cost. We offer several base packages that can be configured or modified to meet any company’s specific needs.

At Guru To Go, we stand ready to help you fully unlock the full potential of the Internet. If you’re not successful, neither are we...

Throughout the past two-years, more and more consumers are now choosing to browse the internet through a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet. Unfortunately, many websites simply aren’t optimized for mobile devices – which often forces visitors to hit the “back” button as they are unable to navigate the site. In fact, Google recently reported that searchers are now using mobile devices to search more than computer based devices. Guru To Go are proud to announce that they are currently offering Iowa City Mobile Website Design for small to medium sized businesses who want to stay on top of their internet marketing efforts.

Luckily, Guru To Go have been helping Iowa City based businesses to get a mobile optimized website. They work with businesses to design a mobile optimized website that actually converts. They are able to design a website which has the main conversion points displayed immediately, such as a shopping basket or a contact us button. From there, visitors are urged to take action as what they need is placed directly in front of them.

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Web Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

With over 3 billion web pages being indexed by Google and Yahoo your site can easily get lost in the crowd. With our Search Engine Optimization and marketing services we tie in your site with the top search terms, help you modify your web site structure to become easily viewed by search engines or we can even help you develop links with popular sites within your industry to increase your profile. The best part is that we make it much more cost effective than the other guys, because we provide down to earth pricing on our web solutions. Contact us today at 319-541-2621 to discuss our Web Solution and Service packages.

Software and Application Testing Services


With Guru To Go Testing you can be sure the web application will be tested thoroughly for all the possible vulnerabilities on time and within the available budget.


Guru To Go Testing evolves alongside with the mobile technologies. We test the quality of mobile apps across different platforms, environments and devices.


Reliability is the primary for desktop apps. Guru To Go Testing can help you to make the desktop application bug-free in the most efficient way.

Align Business Needs

Start business driven testing, adapt to change management and standardize processes, practices, guidelines and templates

Optimize App Quality

Drive results through skilled and specialized independent testing platform centralized for the organization

Increase QA Efficiency

Centralize your testing and quality assurance resources including professionals, tools and environments